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The Candidate Forum

Official election information can be found here. There was a candidate debate/community forum where all of the district 2 council candidates were invited. Eight out of the twelve candidates participated and the video is below. The debate/forum was organized and moderated by Dr. Rashad Richey and Tony Phillips on Saturday March 4th.

Dr. Henry’s Responses at the Debate/Community Forum

In case you are specifically interested in Dr. Henry’s responses to the questions at the March 4th debate/forum, they are highlighted in the following video. Also, more about his perspective and why he’s running is available through his response to the South Fulton Observer Questionnaire:



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Meeting With Dr. Henry & Getting Involved

Dr. Henry is available by request to meet with you. To request a meeting, please submit the form and indicate that you would like to meet with Dr. Henry. Dr. Henry will then respond by email to setup a date/time. Dr. Henry is also available to talk with you by phone. If you submit your phone number in form box, or let us know you would like to set up a phone call, Dr. Henry will respond quickly to get in touch with you and set up a date/time. Dr. Henry is not accepting any campaign donations and is instead completely funding his own campaign. However, Dr. Henry welcomes any support you would like to offer in the form of your time towards helping to get the word out about his candidacy. If you can, please talk to your neighbors and/or post about him and his candidacy on your social media outlets. Also if you can please use the form to contact Dr. Henry and he can give you a sign that you can put up in your yard and/or flyers that you can pass out in your neighborhood.

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We can determine automatically what district you live in, or alternatively, you can click here to see the city/district map and determine it yourself. For us to determine it automatically, please enter your name, address and email address below and then click the "Submit Address" link. The page will then reload and display a pin on the map at your address, so you can confirm its in the correct place. Then, a new red link will show up below that says "Check District". Click that link and it will open a page that will tell you what district you live in. Only residents in District 2 can vote for Dr. Henry, but the new window will give you the names of everyone you can vote for.


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Please leave a comment below to tell me what you’d like to see in our new city and how you think we can get there. Tell me what you think our most important problems are and also what you think we can do to solve them. Also feel free to give me feedback on the campaign platform. Any thoughts you have, I want to hear them – please share.

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Campaign Platform


  • CLICK HERE for more details and clarification about how this system will work
  • Within first year of office, I will:
  • Hold quarterly and as needed town hall meetings to discuss issues and poll the community in person.
  • Introduce an electronic polling/participation system that will:
    • Send out information on topics you designate interest in (e.g., no spam).
    • Provide a brief overview of new bills / ideas / proposals / issues.
    • Provide 1-2 arguments in favor.
    • Provide 1-2 arguments against.
    • Allow you to vote in favor/against.
    • Display poll results on this website.
  • After the first year I will:
  • Propose legislation that will formalize the electronic polling / participation system.
  • Propose legislation that will require city council members to vote in accordance with poll results.
  • Propose legislation that will allow council members to be impeached.
  • Propose legislation that will give the community direct veto power over bills.


  • CLICK HERE for a detailed description of my public safety plan
  • Working with law enforcement, I have developed a comprehensive plan for criminal justice reform that will include:
  • A greatly improved police reporting system to drastically reduce the amount of time police spend on non “police work”.
  • For juveniles – More severe consequences to prevent repeat offenders, along with penalties/fines for their parents.
  • For juveniles – A mandatory requirement of participation and completion of a mentoring program along with mandatory community service (i.e., trash cleanup) and participation in job training programs.
  • A wide array of youth programs involving community volunteers and police (i.e., sports leagues, a formal mentoring program, a chess league, debate team tournaments, dance competitions etc.).
  • Modification of rules around when police officers can chase a suspect (i.e., car thefts without use of a deadly weapon).
  • Increasing the number of officers for an intensified and coordinated effort to end criminal activity on and around Old National.


  • Will work with economic development experts / consultants and the community working group to:
    • Work with developers and provide economic incentives to build a high quality indoor mall.
    • Recruit more diverse options for grocery stores and restaurants.
    • Work with city planning experts to develop a 10 year city plan with zoning strategies.
    • Work with transportation experts to widen / add roads that will increase access to highways.
    • Work with and recruit targeted companies to move their offices and facilities to our new city for job creation.
    • Organize and sponsor a seminar/workshop series (i.e., health & nutrition, financial planning, entrepreneurship etc.).
    • Survey the community to determine what other types of businesses are of interest.
    • Host community events (i.e., a national HBCU reunion, Cook-offs etc.).

About Asegun Henry

Asegun HenryDr. Asegun Henry has lived in what is now the new city of south fulton, for the last ~ 5 years. He is a husband, father and professor of mechanical engineering at Georgia Tech and he is also a graduate of both Florida A & M University (Bachelors) and MIT (Masters and Ph.D.). His technical expertise is in heat transfer, energy systems design analysis and optimization. His research involves a wide spectrum of activities ranging from solar energy technology development and utility scale energy storage, to studying of the physics of heat at the atomic level, which involves simulating the vibrations of atoms using some of the world’s fastest super computers. Dr. Henry is a resourceful, successful and accomplished problem solver. He is a very fast learner and he understands how to look at problems holistically to develop optimal solutions. As a professor, Dr. Henry is also a very effective communicator, with an international reputation, as he has given invited lectures around the world and has published more than 30 peer reviewed scientific journal articles (see curriculum vitae).

Dr. Henry does not have any experience as a politician, but prior to starting at Georgia he worked at the U.S. department of energy (DOE), in the advanced research projects agency – energy (ARPA-E), which is one of the most effective and efficient parts of the DOE. Thus, Dr. Henry is well acquainted with how smoothly and effectively government can operate with good leadership and when smart/adaptable policies and procedures are put in place from the beginning. Dr. Henry also has experience building large collaborations with large budgets. While at ARPA-E, Dr. Henry helped develop a new 30 million dollar program centered on new hybrid approaches to utilizing solar energy. He has also proposed, led and executed large technology development projects with multi-million dollar budgets. The major skills Dr. Henry will bring to the position of city council member is the ability to learn quickly, work well with others to find common ground, and he will be committed to genuinely listening and understanding the needs/desires of the community. His experience as a scientist/engineer will also be invaluable, because his extensive experience developing creative, effective, sustainable and practical solutions to problems will also be applicable to the problems that will be faced by the new city council.


Dr. Henry is a dedicated husband and father, who believes strongly in putting family and God first. He values and prioritizes spending time with his family and believes that there is no substitute for simply being present at home. Dr. Henry and his family have lived in the South Fulton Camp Creek area for the last ~ 5 years and currently live in the Wellesley Estates Community on Merck Rd. Over the last ~ 5 years, his family has developed a deep love for this community and are excited to play a role in defining the new city’s future. Dr. Henry and his wife have been looking for opportunities to get more involved in the community and to utilize their skills and experience as community servants. Dr. Henry and all of those who know him believe that his serving on the city council would be an excellent use of his experience, resourcefulness and talents.


Dr. Henry is an accomplished professor of Mechanical Engineering at Georgia Tech. He is an alumnus of FAMU and MIT and prior to joining Georgia Tech, he worked as a postdoctoral research associate at Oak Ridge National Laboratories in the Materials Theory Group, as well as the Materials Science Department at Northwestern University. As a professor he is a professional problem solver and his creative problem solving skills are applicable far beyond science and engineering contexts, as immediately becomes clear from working with him. In addition, he has received numerous National awards commending his creative and effective problem solving ability and scientific prowess, including but not limited to the National Science Foundation’s Early Career Award, the Lockheed Martin Inspirational Young Faculty Award, and the Georgia Power Professor of Excellence Award.


For the last 10+ years, Dr. Henry has served as a mentor in many capacities, both in life and academic contexts. Mentoring has been one of Dr. Henry’s primary means of giving back, as he has mentored countless students and teenagers in all the communities which he has lived, from Tallahassee FL, to Boston MA, Chicago IL, Washington D.C. and Atlanta GA. As a mentor Dr. Henry always remains relate-able, down-to-earth, and he is very good at building relationships. For his mentees, he’s able to provide guidance, perspective, support, friendship and encouragement in contexts ranging from life, to manhood / adulthood and science / engineering. Most recently, he has mentored high school teachers and students from Westlake High School whom he has hosted in his laboratory at Georgia Tech in order to provide exposure to the top tier research environment.



E-mail: asegun@cosfd2.com

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